myCatalyst Data Analytics Project

EHC is thrilled to announce our new Data Analytics Project in collaboration with myCatalyst and the Association Corporate Risk Management (ACHRM).

All coalition members are eligible to participate in the Data Analytics Project.  If you are not a coalition member, but would like to participate, let us know as our membership dues are affordable and well worth the value. 


No employer is too small or too large to participate.

Most employers don’t receive data from their health plan which allows the employer/employee to compare the costs of healthcare services. The data project will provide access to more data then you currently have available, which will be beneficial in directing care to better priced providers.

The data project will include aggregate data to compare cost of various healthcare services (MRI, CT Scans, Joint Replacements, etc., anything you wish to compare). The purpose is to assist employees/consumers in making better financial choices when receiving care.

Each participating employer may have access to their specific claims data for a small additional fee.

Why myCatalyst – They are the data analytics experts. They will provide an independent review of your healthcare costs to assist in managing costs, and to refer patients to the most cost-effective provider for a specific service. Their data capabilities are endless. What data are you currently not receiving, or would like to receive?

***The Employers Healthcare Coalition will be contributing a partial financial commitment to this project towards the cost for participating employers.  This in addition to the lower contracted rates negotiated by the coalition, make this very valuable project extremely affordable for participating members.  Please reach out to Mike Stewart at (217) 221-3460 for more details.

Press Release – Undergoing a Name Change

May 1, 2017


Quincy, IL and Hannibal, MO

Signaling a renewed energy and focus on innovation and collaboration to improve the health of our communities and the healthcare system, the Tri-State Health Care Coalition (TSHCC) is undergoing a name change accompanied by a new visual identity. Unveiled recently, the organization will now be known as Employers Healthcare Coalition or EHC.

“The new name better reflects our distinctive leadership role in healthcare in our local communities,” said the Employers Healthcare Coalition Executive Director, Bev Helkey, who has lead the organization since 2002. “In addition to our new branding, we are launching new initiatives that will advance innovation in healthcare access, and healthcare cost savings to our member employers and bring enhanced value to the communities which we serve.”

Employers Healthcare Coalition has about 50 employer members, representing employers of all size, across the tri-state region, offering unique opportunities for employers to improve access to healthcare for their employees and resources to reduce healthcare costs.

Key Programs

The Employers Healthcare Coalition provides expertise, resources, and a voice to its member employers across the tri-state region. Its programs are designed to spread the tenets and practical applications of community health reform and offer programs and tools to assist purchasers. Key programs are focused around healthcare innovation and performance related to cost, quality, the patient outcomes and the patient experience.


Founded in 1991, the organization was established as a not-for-profit.  Since then, EHC member employers have worked to develop programs which focus on measuring and reporting healthcare performance, reforming the health care delivery payment system and engaging employees and consumers in taking an active and informed role in their health and healthcare.

 About Employers Healthcare Coalition

Members are dedicated to driving innovation, health and value through the collective action of public and private purchasers. The organization seeks to accelerate local and regional progress toward safe, efficient, high-quality health care and the improved health status of the local community.